Northern Saskatchewan Chemical Free Holistic and Sustainable Beekeeper.

Is a small scale hobby operation whose owners' emphasis is on the bees, not the product. There seems to be no shortage of honey, wax, propolis and pollen from the happy girls so we are proud to share with you some of the lovely natural output.

Keeping in the chemical free mindset we have developed a few products that contain only ingredients found in mother nature that hopefully will be of interest.

Enjoy your visit.

Our Products

We have a few hand made with love products and we are adding more as we master the technique.

WILDFLOWER HONEY - Cold pressed and strained without using any heat so that all the natural goodness, aroma, antiseptic and healthful benefits are preserved. Our unpasteurized, unrefined, raw honey still contains bits of pollen and propolis and is an extremely nutritious food packed with enzymes and trace minerals.

FLAVORED HONEY - Wildflower honey infused with either hot peppers or lemon & ginger

LIP BALM - Pure low temperature processed beeswax with the additional healing benefits of fine oils, vitamins A & E, flavors

SKIN CREAM - Beeswax, Aloe Vera, fine oils and vitamins A, C & E makes this a soothing wholesome and healing cream for all skin conditions.

Our Location

Our Location

Contact Information

Peter Zuck

Phone and Fax - 306.549.2506
eMail - ooptec qz